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Suchen Sie ein Komplette Business Englisch Vokabelliste? Wollen Sie ihr Business Englisch Vokabeln aufbessern? Hallo mein name is Kevin und ich bin Englisch Lehrer bei Borussia Dortmund.

Einer der mesitgestellten Fragen meiner studenten ist es ob ich eine Komplette Business Englisch Vokabelliste habe mit Deutschen Übersetzungen. Meine Antwort dazu – ja das habe ich.

Ausdiesem grunde würde ich es gern mit Ihnen teilen. Weiter unten finden sie eine Liste mit Vokabeln, die für Business Englisch erforderlich sind mit hilfreiche satzbauvarianten.

Jedes wort wird dargestellt mit wortart (verb, etc) und die englische Defination. Dazu einen einfachen Satz natürlich mit einer deutschen übersetzung.

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word or phrase part of speech definition example sentence German
analyse verb to study or examine something in detail, in order to discover more about it Researchers analysed the purchases of 6,300 households. analysieren
analysis noun the study of something in detail We carried out an analysis of visitors to the website by age, sex, and region. Analyse
analytical adjective relating to the careful or scientific examination of facts and information We offer award-winning website design and hosting services, extranets, and analytical tools. analytisch
avoid verb to try not to do something, or to try to stay away from something The government avoided the mistakes they made in the past. vermeiden
avoidable adjective possible to avoid A number of illnesses are entirely avoidable. vermeidbar
avoidance noun the practice of avoiding something Health insurance companies who have been showing very healthy profits have engaged in very serious risk avoidance. Vermeidung
certain adjective having no doubt or knowing exactly that something is true, or known to be true, correct, exact or effective Are you absolutely certain that you gave them the right number? sicher
certainty noun the state of being completely confident or having no doubt about something I’m unable to answer that question with any certainty. Sicherheit
communicate verb to share information with others by speaking, writing, moving your body or using other signals We can now communicate instantly with people on the other side of the world. kommunizieren
communication noun the process of sharing information, especially when this increases understanding between people or groups We have been in communication with various agencies in regard to this matter. Kommunikation
communicative adjective willing to talk to people and give them information He emphasised that managers had to be more communicative with their staff. kommunikativ
compete verb to try to be more successful than someone or something else It’s difficult to compete when there are so many similar businesses. konkurrieren
competition noun the situation in which people or businesses are trying to be more successful than each other, for example by making more sales in a market There has always been competition between the auto manufacturers. Wettbewerb
competitive adjective involving or encouraging competition The severe downturn in the worldwide semiconductor market has increased competitive pressures in the Japanese market. Wettbewerbs-
competitor noun a person, product, company, etc. that is trying to compete with others, for example, by trying to make bigger sales in a particular market At least one major competitor is gearing up to provide local service at lower prices. Konkurrent
uncertain adjective not known or fixed, or not completely certain New arrivals face an uncertain future. unsicher
uncertainty noun the feeling of not being sure what will happen in the future The rule changes are complicated and cause uncertainty for workers and headaches for employers. Unsicherheit
valuable adjective very helpful or important He has a wealth of experience and will be a valuable addition to our editorial team. wertvoll
value verb to consider something important or good We value our partnership with the government. schätzen
value noun how good or useful something is in relation to its price Property will always remain good value. Wert
valued adjective considered important or good Her work was highly valued well beyond the academic community. geschätzt
business cards noun plural small cards that have your name, company name, and the job you do printed on them Delegates walk around the booths introducing themselves and exchanging business cards. Visitenkarten
business people noun plural people who work in business, especially people with an important position in a company or people who own a company Business people experience on average 170 interactions per day – phone calls, hallway conversations, emails. Geschäftsleute
corporate culture noun the beliefs and ideas that a company has and the way in which they affect how it does business and how its employees behave Because of differences in corporate culture, the merger between the two companies proved disastrous. Unternehmenskultur
corporate identity noun the qualities of a company that make it different from other companies, and the images, words, etc. that it uses to make itself familiar to its customers, for example in its advertisements, on its letters, etc. As part of the process of developing our corporate identity we have recently introduced a new logo and new letterheads. Corporate Identity
cultural differences noun plural ways in which the habits, traditions, and beliefs of a society, a company, etc. are not the same There are cultural differences between Australia and Britain. kulturelle Unterschiede
cultural similarity noun ways in which the habits, traditions, and beliefs of a society, a company, etc. are almost, but not exactly, the same There is cultural similarity between many countries in the Middle East. kulturelle Ähnlichkeit
foreign country noun a country that is not your own Working in a foreign country takes a bit of getting used to. Ausland
global company noun a large company that operates in many different countries It is a global company with its headquarters based in Canada. globales Unternehmen
host country noun a country where a company that is based in another country has business activities When production costs are raised in the host country, the company can easily move its activities to another country. Gastland
local culture noun the beliefs and ideas from or connected with a particular area It is important to research local culture before travelling. regionale Kultur
multinational company noun a very large company that has offices, stores, etc. in many different countries but that is controlled from the country where it was started. A company with a quarter or more of its sales in other countries is considered to be a multinational If a multinational company becomes more important than some governments, it can act as a major force of economic change. multinationales Unternehmen
multinational team noun a team that is spread across several different countries She led a multinational team developing a new marketing initiative. multinationales Team
parent company noun a company that owns one or more other companies The parent company’s stock price has dropped almost by half. Mutterunternehmen
relocation package noun money that is paid by a company to its employees in order to help them with the costs of moving to a different place to work Further details of the relocation package will be made available later in the week. Standortverlegungspaket
design verb to make or draw plans for something that will be produced Who designed your website? gestalten
design noun the way in which something is planned and made I don’t like the design of this control panel. Design
develop verb to invent something or bring something such as a product or service into existence The software was developed by a marine science consulting firm. entwickeln
development noun the process of creating something such as a new product or service The next stage in the development of this product line is a retail version. Entwicklung
discover verb to find information, a place or an object, especially for the first time Who discovered America? entdecken
discovery noun the process of finding information, a place or an object, especially for the first time, or the thing which is found What do you think is the most important discovery of the last 50 years? Entdeckung
innovate verb to develop a new design, product, idea, etc. The market leader’s proven ability to innovate provides a key attraction for shareholders. Neuerungen einführen
innovation noun a new idea, design, product, etc. Product innovations lead to an increase in effective demand which encourages an increase in investment and employment. Neuheit
innovation noun the development of new products, designs, or ideas He says universities should work with the private sector to foster innovation and entrepreneurship. Innovation
invent verb to design or create something which has never been made or has never existed before One of the surest ways to make money in the stock market is to find a company that invents a new drug. erfinden
invention noun a product or a way of doing something which has never been made or never existed before Turning an invention from an idea into a money-making product is a long job. Erfindung
achievement noun something that a person, company, etc. has done or finished successfully Look at your achievements and your value in monetary terms. Leistung
advancement noun the process of improving your career, for example, by getting a more important position within an organisation or by moving to another company for a better job In order to keep good employees, you need to provide them with possibilities for growth and advancement. Aufstieg
aggressive manager noun a manager who is forceful, competitive and determined to get what they want His boss was an aggressive manager. aggressiver Manager
annual leave noun a paid number of days each year that an employee is allowed to be away from work She is on annual leave. Jahresurlaub
bureaucracy noun complicated rules, processes, and written work that make it hard to get something done We need to avoid creating another layer of bureaucracy. Bürokratie
company policy noun a set of ideas, or a plan of what to do in particular situations, that has been agreed officially by a business organisation The company policy is that most workers should retire at 60. Unternehmenspolitik
good results noun plural successful achievements We’ve spent a lot of money on advertising and are beginning to see good results. gute Ergebnisse
hygiene noun used in Herzberg’s Motivation-Hygiene Theory to describe factors that prevent dissatisfaction By concentrating only on the hygiene factors, management were not really motivating their personnel. Hygiene
low pay noun money received for doing a job which is below the usual or expected level or amount compared to other jobs Workers threatened to strike over the low pay of the support staff. niedriges Gehalt
manage a team phrase to be in charge of and control a team The new structure made it more complex and challenging to manage a team. ein Team leiten
motivator noun used in Herzberg’s Motivation-Hygiene Theory to describe factors that create satisfaction Together, the motivators and the hygiene factors have become known as Herzberg‘s two-factor theory of motivation. Motivator
motivation noun the need or reason for doing something A major motivation for his later career was to secure a regular financial income. Motivation
new skills noun plural particular abilities which are new that you develop through training and experience and that are useful in a job Getting new skills can help you find higher-paid work. neue Fähigkeiten
praise verb to express admiration or approval about the achievements or characteristics of a person or thing He should be praised for his honesty. loben
praise noun when you say or show your admiration and approval for someone or something They deserve praise for all their hard work. Lob
promotion noun the process or fact of giving someone a higher or more important job Employees worry that saying ‘no’ to the boss decreases their chances of advancement and promotion. Beförderung
recognition noun the act of praising or rewarding someone for something they have done We did all the work but they got all the recognition! Anerkennung
responsibility noun something that it is your job or duty to deal with As a board member, I have a responsibility to ask questions. Aufgabe
responsibility noun the things you are in charge of in your job Those who survive redundancy may feel compelled to take on increasing responsibilities. Verantwortung
rude colleagues noun plural people that you work with who are offensive or embarrassing or not polite He has some rude colleagues. unhöfliche Kollegen
supervision noun the activity of managing a department, project, etc. and of making sure that things are done correctly and according to the rules Supervision of capital markets will help to mobilise resources for investment in the least-developed countries. Beobachtung
support verb to help someone, or offer help with something, when this is needed Unfortunately the company can no longer support this software. unterstützen
support noun practical help We are going to need a lot of support if we want to get this job done on time. Unterstützung
work conditions noun plural the situation that someone works in The unions are trying hard to improve work conditions for their members. Arbeitsbedingungen
a few phrase some, or a small number of something I need to get a few things in town. ein paar
a great deal of phrase a large amount of; much A great deal of effort has gone into making the software reliable. erheblich
a huge amount of phrase an extremely large amount of The manufacturing process requires a huge amount of water. eine riesige Menge
a large number of phrase many A large number of people complained about the customer service. eine große Zahl von
a little phrase a small amount of something This sauce needs a little salt. ein wenig
a little phrase slightly I was a little bit worried by what she said. leicht
a lot of phrase a large amount or number of people or things There were a lot of people there. eine Menge von
many determiner/pronoun used mainly in negative sentences and questions to mean ‘a large number of’ I don’t have many clothes. viele
much determiner a large amount or to a large degree I don’t earn much money. viel
several determiner/pronoun some; an amount that is not exact but is fewer than many Several people have complained about the scheme. mehrere
appraisal system noun a system for an employee and their manager to have meetings to discuss the employee’s progress, aims, and needs at work Many companies operate an appraisal system. Bewertungssystem
bonus noun an amount of money given to an employee in addition to their salary as a reward for working well She received a bonus of $15,065, equal to 40% of her salary. Bonus
career opportunities noun plural chances to progress to a better job We need to create more career opportunities for workers on low pay. Karrierechancen
commission noun a payment to someone who sells homes, products, investments, etc., which is directly related to the amount they sell, or the practice of receiving these payments The airline agreed to pay travel agents a 3% commission. Provision
effort-reward balance noun the physical or mental activity you put into something compared with the advantage, for example more money, you get from it She felt undervalued and was seeking a position with a better effort-reward balance. Verhältnis zwischen Anstrengung und Belohnung
flexitime noun a system of working in which people work a particular number of hours within a fixed period of time, but can change the time they start or finish work 25% of the employees work flexitime. flexible Arbeitszeit
fringe benefits noun plural extra things that are given to you by your employer in addition to your pay but are not in the form of money Fringe benefits include a company car and free health insurance. Lohnzulagen
glass ceiling noun something that prevents someone from getting a more important position in their organisation Women have made scant progress in breaking through the glass ceiling to reach top corporate executive and boardroom positions. gläserne Decke
mentoring system noun a system for helping and giving advice to someone who has less experience that you, especially in your job They have a mentoring system for new recruits. Beratungssystem
open-plan office noun a space in which people work, especially sitting at desks with computers, phones, etc., which has few or no walls inside, so it is not divided into smaller rooms Open-plan offices function well for people who need to be communicating with each other all the time. Großraumbüro
salary noun the total amount of money that an employee is paid every year to do their job, or one of the payments they receive each month as part of this Her annual salary exceeds €100,000. Gehalt
severance package noun the pay and other advantages that an employee receives when their employment is ended by the management The company is offering voluntary severance packages. Abfindung
tip noun a useful piece of information or advice Our 50 tips show you how to navigate your computer system from start-up to shutdown. Tipp
tip noun an amount of money given by a customer to someone who has provided a service, especially in a hotel or restaurant Different countries have different customs when it comes to leaving tips. Trinkgeld
work-life balance noun the amount of time you spend doing your job compared with the amount of time you spend with your family and doing things you enjoy Men have low expectations of securing a better work-life balance. Verhältnis zwischen Berufs- und Privatleben
achievements noun plural things that a person, company, etc. has done or finished successfully Look at your achievements and your value in monetary terms. Leistungen
assessment noun the process of considering all the information about a situation or a person and making a judgement The first thing you must do is make an assessment of the situation. Einschätzung
constructive feedback noun useful information about something such as a new product or someone’s work, that provides an idea of whether people like it or whether it is good, and is likely or intended to improve it The client has given us some constructive feedback on the design. konstruktives Feedback
realistic expectations noun plural what you believe will happen in the future, accepting things as they are in fact and not making decisions based on unlikely hopes All you had to do was build value in your product and hope that your customer had realistic expectations. realistische Erwartungen
review verb to carefully examine a situation to find out whether changes or improvements need to be made Experts are urging borrowers to review their mortgage arrangements and, if they can, to switch now to a better rate. überprüfen
review noun the process of carefully examining a situation to find out whether changes or improvements need to be made The next scheduled review of bonus rates will take place early in the new year. Revision
set goals and objectives phrase decide what you want to achieve or what you want someone else to achieve over a particular period Management must set clear goals and objectives that everyone subscribes to. Ziele setzen
supervise verb to manage a department, project, etc. and make sure that things are done correctly and according to the rules The Financial Services Authority (FSA) is responsible for supervising Britain’s banking system. überwachen
take responsibility for phrase to accept something as your job or duty to deal with She will now take responsibility for the Logistics Division. Verantwortung übernehmen für
advertise for new staff phrase to make it known that a job or work is available, by putting an advertisement in a newspaper or on the Internet The company is advertising for new staff. Stellenanzeigen schalten
benefits packages noun plural a combination of advantages such as medical insurance, life insurance, and sick pay, that employees receive from their employer in addition to money The company offers a generous benefits package that includes private healthcare and a free on-site gym. Leistungspakete
bring about change phrase to make change happen He will bring about change by introducing new guidelines. Änderungen herbeiführen
compensation for employees noun the combination of payment and other benefits that employees receive for doing their job Compensation for employees includes salary, bonus, and other benefits. Angestelltenbezüge
develop staff abilities phrase to grow or change into a more advanced form the powers or skills needed by employees to do something A good leader has to develop staff abilities. Fortbildung für Mitarbeiter
get the best work out of staff phrase to have employees who make the greatest effort possible and do as well as they can Are we getting the best out of our staff? die besten Leistungen aus den Mitarbeitern herausholen
inform employees about developments phrase to tell staff about recent events The company has a duty to inform employees about developments that directly affect them. Mitarbeiter über Entwicklungen informieren
maintaining contacts with universities phrase continuing to communicate regularly with people at universities, especially people in a high position, who can give you useful information or introductions that will help you at work Maintaining contacts with universities requires a lot of hard work. Kontakte zu Universitäten aufrechterhalten
organisation development noun growth or changes in an organisation that make it become more advanced The first year of the plan is primarily focused on organisational development. Entwicklung der Organisation
organise inter-team / interdepartmental meetings phrase make arrangements for meetings between teams / between departments They organised an interdepartmental meeting between the finance department and the IT department. team- oder abteilungsübergreifende Besprechungen organisieren
performance management noun a system for judging how well employees are doing their jobs, their needs for training, etc. Performance management includes activities to ensure that goals are consistently being met in an effective and efficient manner. Leistungsmanagement
recruit new staff phrase to employ new people to work for a company or organisation Advertisements in newspapers will be used to recruit new staff. neues Personal anwerben
set up system of employee reports phrase to establish a system of written statements about employees’ ability and performance They decided to set up a system of employee reports. ein Mitarbeiter-Berichtssystem einrichten
support heads of department phrase to help heads of department We’ll do all we can to support heads of department during this difficult period. Abteilungsleiter unterstützen
360-degree feedback noun information that someone gets regularly about how well they are doing their job from each group of people they work with, for example their managers, the people they manage, and sometimes also their customers This exercise is aimed at providing leaders with 360-degree feedback for improving their leadership abilities. 360-Grad-Feedback
acumen noun skill in making correct decisions and judgments in business or in a particular area of business He is an astute man with sound business acumen. Geschäftssinn
competencies noun plural the particular skills that you need to do a job well The competencies have been organised under four headings. Kompetenzen
groom somebody verb to prepare someone for a special job or activity My boss is grooming me to take over his job next year. jdn. aufbauen
inadequate adjective too low in quality The report says that long-range spending plans are “inadequate”. unzulänglich
orientation noun training or preparation for a new job or activity The job starts tomorrow with a full week of orientation. Orientierung
passion noun a very powerful feeling, for example of sexual attraction, love, hate, anger or other emotion Football arouses a good deal of passion among its supporters. Leidenschaft
proficient adjective very skilled and experienced at something Consumers have become more proficient at shopping online. sachkundig
prospects noun plural the possibility of being successful in the future The market remains sceptical about the bank’s prospects. Aussichten
stakeholder noun an employee, investor, customer, etc. who is involved in or buys from a business and has an interest in its success Corporate executives need to think about the whole business and how it creates value for customers and stakeholders. Anspruchsberechtigter
career prospects noun plural the possibility of being successful in your career in the future Having a wide range of interests can improve your career prospects. Karrierechancen
attracted to a job phrase interested in a job and wanting to do it What attracted you to this job? an einer Stelle interessiert sein
make a decision phrase to decide something Most investors use the Internet to help them make decisions. eine Entscheidung treffen
interpersonal skills noun plural abilities connected with relationships between people, that are useful in a job The successful applicant will have excellent interpersonal skills. zwischenmenschliche Kompetenzen
take on responsibility phrase to accept something that it is your job or duty to deal with She will now take on responsibility for the Logistics Division. Verantwortung übernehmen
strong points noun plural qualities that someone or something has that help them succeed or make progress One of our strong points as a global brand has been our ability to adapt to local trends. Stärken
handle a problem phrase to deal with a situation, person or thing that needs attention and needs to be dealt with or solved It was a job that taught me how to handle problems. mit einem Problem umgehen
chain of command noun the series of people who are involved in controlling someone and tell them what to do A new chain of command has been introduced. Befehlskette
conflict of interest noun a situation in which someone cannot make a fair decision because they will be personally affected by the result The mayor is himself involved in local businesses and has been accused of a conflict of interest. Interessenkonflikt
delegation of responsibility noun the act of giving a job or duty to someone else The main principle involved is the delegation of responsibility for budgets to accountable units, each of which has defined objectives. Delegieren  von Verantwortung
division of labour noun a way of organising work, especially making things, so that it is done as a set of separate processes by different people or groups By encouraging cooperation between departments, the company is challenging the traditional division of labour within the organisation. Arbeitsteilung
line manager noun someone directly in charge of workers Often those people on sick leave would just be left alone with little or no contact from their line manager. Linienmanager
organise the company phrase to structure the company according to a particular system The company is organised on a regional basis. Unternehmen organisieren
regional divisions noun plural parts of company that operate in a particular part of a country or a particular part of the world The company has three regional divisions organised as profit centres. regionale Geschäftsbereiche
regional manager noun a manager who is responsible for a particular part of a country or a particular part of the world A sign of a good regional manager is having a good understanding of the different issues in each region. Gebietsleiter
responsibility for decision-making noun the job or duty of deciding things She faces long hours and extreme pressure in her position because she is responsible for decision-making. Entscheidungsbefugnis
accommodate verb to have or provide the space that someone or something needs The centre can accommodate up to 220 students. unterbringen
deployment noun the use of something or someone, especially in order to achieve a particular effect Good solutions are based on the efficient and wise deployment of capital, resources and people. Einsatz
disperse verb to spread across or move away over a large area, or to make something do this When the rain came down the crowds started to disperse. zerstreuen
duplication noun the practice of doing the same thing more than once, or having more than one person or thing to do the same task, when this is not necessary There was enormous duplication of effort with each area having its own personnel team. Duplizierung
efficiency noun a situation in which a person, company, factory, etc. uses resources such as time, materials, or labour well, without wasting any The company is looking to shed around 1,000 jobs as part of an efficiency drive. Effizienz
handle verb to deal with something difficult It was a job that taught me how to handle pressure and use it to my advantage. umgehen mit
handle verb to be responsible for organising or managing something or someone The office in Europe also handles marketing for the region. bearbeiten
implement verb to put a plan into action The corporation has implemented a new compensation plan for its sales force. umsetzen
implement verb to begin to use a new system The purchased package or the new IT infrastructure is implemented by specialists in that technology. implementieren
arrange accommodation phrase to plan, prepare, or organise a place in which to live, work, stay, etc. The accommodation was arranged by his secretary. Unterbringung organisieren
arrange meetings phrase to plan, prepare, or organise meetings The meetings were usually arranged by the client. Besprechungen organisieren
arrange training sessions phrase to plan, prepare, or organise lessons to teach the skills and knowledge for a particular job or activity The lorry drivers had almost no computer knowledge, so she arranged training sessions for them. Schulungen organisieren
attend meetings phrase to go to meetings According to recent research, the busy British professional attends nearly 60 meetings a month. an Besprechungen teilnehmen
book accommodation phrase to arrange a room in a hotel, etc. for a particular time in the future When he tried to book accommodation for all the staff, his credit card was refused. Unterbringung buchen
enter data phrase to put information into a computer His job was to enter data into the computer. Daten eingeben
liaise with a manager phrase to work with a manager in order to exchange information with them I regularly liaise with a manager on important decisions. sich mit einem Manager absprechen
liaise with a team phrase to work with a team in order to exchange information with them It was such a refreshing change to liaise with a team of highly skilled developers. sich mit einem Team absprechen
liaise with business partners phrase to work with people or organisations you are closely involved with in some way, in order to exchange information with them We liaise with business partners to ensure solutions meet current and strategic needs. sich mit Geschäftspartnern absprechen
manage a budget phrase to be in charge of and control an amount of money you are allowed to spend for a particular purpose He’s not very good at managing a budget. ein Budget verwalten
manage a team phrase to be in charge of and control a team She managed a team developing a new marketing initiative. ein Team managen
maximise revenue phrase to make the amount of money that a company receives, especially from selling goods or services, as large as possible They would like to maximise revenue from online ads. Umsätze maximieren
report to a manager phrase to work for a manager and be managed by them He will report to a new manager. einem Manager Bericht erstatten
report to a team phrase to work for a team and be managed by them She will report to the global finance team. einem Team Bericht erstatten
collaborate verb to work together with another person or organisation for a particular purpose A German company collaborated with a Swiss firm to develop the product. zusammenarbeiten
collaboration noun the act of working together with other people or organisations to create or achieve something The new airport is the result of a collaboration between two of the best architects in the country. Zusammenarbeit
coordinate verb to organise all the different activities and people who are involved in something so that it works effectively Who will be responsible for coordinating the project? koordinieren
coordination noun the process of organising the different activities or people involved in something so that they work together effectively The Internet has improved coordination with customers and suppliers. Koordination
create verb to make something new, especially to invent something In 1991, McCahill and his researchers created an easy way to navigate the Internet and find information on it, known as ‘Gopher’. schaffen
create verb to form a new company, etc. There are strict guidelines to be followed when you are creating a new company. aufbauen
creativity noun the production or use of original and unusual ideas The organisation celebrates and rewards creativity in its staff. Kreativität
delegate verb to give a particular job, duty, etc. to someone else so that they do it for you He was always overburdened with too many trivial tasks because he found it impossible to delegate. delegieren
delegate noun a person who is chosen or elected by a group to speak or vote for it, especially at a meeting More than 1,000 delegates attended the three-day conference. Delegierter
delegation noun the act of giving a particular job, duty, etc. to someone else The main principle involved is the delegation of responsibility for budgets to accountable units, each of which has defined objectives. Delegation
direct verb to control or be in charge of an activity, organisation, etc. She directs a large charity. leiten
direction noun control or instruction The project was under the direction of a well-known academic. Leitung
innovate verb to develop a new design, product, idea, etc. The market leader’s proven ability to innovate provides a key attraction for shareholders. Neuerungen einführen
innovation noun a new idea, design, product, etc. Product innovations lead to an increase in effective demand which encourages an increase in investment and employment. Innovation
innovation noun the development of new products, designs, or ideas He says universities should work with the private sector to foster innovation and entrepreneurship. Innovation
agree on phrasal verb to have the same opinion, or to approve of someone else’s ideas and opinions Although we like his plan in general, we don’t agree with him on every issue. sich einigen auf
confirm verb to make an arrangement or meeting certain, often by phone or writing So far ten people have confirmed that they will be attending the meeting. bestätigen
describe to you in detail phrase to say to you or write to you about what someone or something is like, including all the information about it or every part of it We haven’t described the matter to you in detail yet. Ihnen im Detail erläutern
discuss verb to talk about a subject with someone and tell each other your ideas or opinions The police want to discuss these recent racist attacks with local people. besprechen
get assistance phrase to get help, especially money or resources that are given to people, countries, etc. when they have experienced a difficult situation The minister revealed that the banking industry would get assistance from the taxpayer. Unterstützung erhalten
go over again phrase to examine or look at something one more time in a careful or detailed way I’ve gone over the problem several times, but I can’t think of a solution. noch einmal durchgehen
let you know phrase to tell you something Thank you for coming to the interview – we’ll let you know in the next week. Sie etwas wissen lassen
refresh your memory phrase to help you remember something You can look the word up in the dictionary to refresh your memory of its exact meaning. Ihr Gedächtnis auffrischen
remind you verb to make you think of something you have forgotten or might have forgotten I’ll remind you to post the letter. Sie an etwas erinnern
review verb to carefully examine a situation to find out whether changes or improvements need to be made Experts are urging borrowers to review their mortgage arrangements and, if they can, to switch now to a better rate. überprüfen
take you through phrasal verb to explain something to you This helpful guide will take you through the application procedure. mit etwas vertraut machen
talk about phrasal verb to say things or speak to someone about In Tokyo markets, the only thing people want to talk about is the budget problem. über etwas sprechen
tell you phrasal verb to say something to you, often giving you information or instructions I’ll tell you the way to the station. Ihnen etwas sagen
end users / consumers noun plural the people that use a product or service The survey has specifically targeted end users of computer software. Endnutzer / -verbraucher
e-tailers noun plural businesses that use the Internet to sell their products You can buy a wide variety of consumer electronics from e-tailers. E-Tailer
manufacturers noun plural companies or countries that produce goods in large numbers Among manufacturers, sales and orders are at a 12-month high. Hersteller
retailers noun plural companies that sell goods to the public in stores and on the Internet, rather than to stores, other businesses, etc. Manufacturers and retailers are responding to growing consumer demand. Einzelhändler
suppliers noun plural companies that provide a product, or the materials to make a product Most energy suppliers are doing well in the current economic climate. Anbieter
wholesalers noun plural people or companies that sell goods to stores or other businesses, etc. rather than to the public Factory gate prices may be rising, but it is retailers and wholesalers, not consumers, who are shouldering this burden. Großhändler
assemble verb to make something by joining separate parts together This is where the car engines are assembled. zusammenbauen
collect verb to go to a place and bring something away from it Your furniture will be ready for you to collect on Thursday. abholen
deliver verb to take goods, letters, parcels, etc. to a place Manufacturers can deliver goods directly from factories. ausliefern
reduce verb to make something less in price, size, amount, etc. The retailer moved its supply base overseas to reduce costs. reduzieren
supply verb to provide materials, or goods and services They supply parts to the automotive industry. liefern
come up with phrasal verb to suggest or think of an idea or plan Next you need to come up with a name for your product. sich etwas einfallen lassen
implement verb to put a plan into action The corporation has implemented a new compensation plan for its sales force. umsetzen
involve verb to include someone or something in something, or to make them take part in or feel part of it The second accident involved two cars and a lorry. involvieren
result in phrasal verb to cause a particular situation to happen The fire resulted in damage to their property. zur Folge haben
and so conjunction and for that reason; therefore It was quite expensive and so the management didn’t like the idea much. und so
because conjunction for the reason that I can’t go to the product launch because I’m going away that week. weil
but conjunction used to introduce an added statement, usually something that is different from what you have said before She’s very hard-working but not very imaginative. aber
consequently adverb as a result I spent most of my money in the first week and consequently had very little to eat by the end of the holiday. deshalb
furthermore adverb in addition; more importantly I suggest we use Barkers as our main suppliers – they’re good and furthermore they’re cheap. des Weiteren
in addition to that phrase as well as that He has a flat in London and in addition to that he has a villa in Italy. außerdem
moreover adverb (used to add information) also and more importantly The whole report is badly written. Moreover, it’s inaccurate. darüber hinaus
not only … but also phrase used to say that two related things are true or happened, especially when this is surprising or shocking If this project fails it will affect not only our department, but also the whole organisation. nicht nur … , sondern auch
therefore adverb for that reason We were unable to get funding and therefore had to abandon the project. darum
controllable variables noun plural numbers, amounts, or situations that can be directly influenced or controlled What are the basic controllable variables of the problem? steuerbare Variablen
differentiate itself from the competition phrase to show how it is different from the people or businesses who are competing with it in a particular market, and what its advantages are, especially in order to attract a particular group of consumers The company wanted a very attractive website to differentiate itself from the competition. sich von der Konkurrenz abheben
end user noun the person or organisation that uses a product or service The management of distributors and dealers were reviewed in an attempt to minimise disruption to our end-users. Endnutzer
premium pricing strategy noun the strategy of setting a high price for something in order to create the perception that it is of high quality A premium pricing strategy has to reflect the quality a product offers. Strategie zur Spitzenpreisgestaltung
target market noun the group of people that a company wants to sell its products or services to The key target market for this newspaper is middle aged professionals. Zielmarkt
USP (Unique Selling Point) noun abbreviation for unique selling proposition/point: a feature of a product that makes it different from and better than all its competitors’ products The product’s USPs should be central throughout the development process. Alleinstellungsmerkmal
commodity product noun a product that is the same as other products of the same type from other producers or manufacturers Sugar is a commodity product and no one company has more chance of controlling its supply and price level than any of its rivals. Bedarfsartikel
lifestyle product noun a product that is not the same as other products of the same type from other producers or manufacturers, which consumers choose partly for its ‘feel
good factor’
How could you transform a commodity product like bottled mineral water into a lifestyle product? Lifestyle-Artikel
niche noun an opportunity for a business to offer a product or service that is not offered by other businesses There is a niche in the market for this kind of product. Nische
price sensitive adjective used to describe a product or service for which sales go up or down in relation to its price A price-sensitive product should be priced to convey an overall image of value to the customer. preisempfindlich
profit margin noun the difference between the total cost of making and selling something and the price it is sold for, or between the total amount of money a company receives from sales and the total cost of producing all its products and services. The profit margin is often expressed as a percentage. The company averages profit margins of 70%. Gewinnspanne
turnover noun the amount of money that a company gets from sales during a particular period Group turnover rose 2% in the period, compared with last year. Umsatz
cost-effective adjective cost-effective methods or processes bring the greatest possible advantage or profit when the amount that is spent is considered In many cases outsourcing jobs has been shown to be not cost-effective. kosteneffizient
exceed verb being more than a particular number or amount Customers exceeding their credit limits will be charged a fee. übersteigen
perspective noun a particular way of considering something Her attitude lends a fresh perspective to the subject. Perspektive
resource verb to provide an organisation or department with money or equipment The department was chronically overstretched and seriously under-resourced. mit Mitteln ausstatten
scope noun the range of things that an activity, company, law, etc. deals with He involved himself in affairs beyond the scope of his job. Aufgabenbereich
sole trader noun a person who owns and operates a business alone I have a successful consultancy business but am a sole trader. Einzelunternehmen
stress noun a feeling of worry and unhappiness because you have too much work or too many problems to deal with Successful managers need to be able to make tough decisions under stress. Stress
wastage noun the fact of wasting something, or the amount of something that is wasted Wastage of resources should be avoided at all costs. Verschwendung
customer service noun the way that an organisation deals with customers before, during, and after a sale, and the activities involved in dealing with customers The mobile operator has a reputation for outstanding customer service. Kundendienst
cost-effective adjective cost-effective methods or processes bring the greatest possible advantage or profit when the amount that is spent is considered In many cases outsourcing jobs has been shown to be not cost-effective. kosteneffizient
relationship-building noun developing the way in which two or more companies, countries, or people behave towards each other Relationship-building is vital for success in business. Aufbau von Beziehungen
value-adding adjective increasing the value of a resource, product, or service as the result of a particular process Service can be seen as a value-adding activity. wertschöpfend
profit-sharing adjective used for describing a system by which employees receive a part of the profits of a business The company’s costs increased under the profit-sharing agreement. mit Gewinnbeteiligung
record-breaking adjective bigger in value, amount, or number, or better than anything that has happened before We look forward to another record-breaking year in terms of growth next year. rekordbrechend
loss-making adjective relating to a business or part of a business that does not make a profit He controls a vast business empire, but many of his firms are loss-making. defizitär
loss-making adjective relating to a period of time during which a person, company, etc. does not make a profit It is expected to show losses of £26m–£29m in the traditionally loss-making first half. verlustreich
problem-sharing adjective used to describe the activity of telling other people about your problems in order to help solve them He started the meetings with a problem-sharing activity. Problemlösungs-
product-making adjective used to describe machinery, etc. which can manufacture products Can you supply product-making machinery directly to our factories in Asia? Produktfertigungs-
product-sharing adjective used to describe a service, website etc. which allows consumers to discuss and recommend products. Bagcheck is a product-sharing website. Product-Sharing-
product-pricing noun used to describe the policy, strategy etc. that a company uses to decide prices for its products or services Our product-pricing strategy means that our products cost more than our competitors’. Produktpreis-Gestaltung
B2B noun abbreviation for ‘business-to-business’, relating to business arrangements or trade between different businesses, rather than between businesses and the public, especially when this takes place over the Internet B2B helps exporters search for and contact possible importers of their products. Business-to-Business
B2C noun abbreviation for ‘business-to-consumer’, relating to the sale of products and services by businesses to consumers, especially over the Internet The Web was designed to help people get information out of computers, so it’s perfect for B2C. Business-to-Consumer
B2G noun abbreviation for ‘business-to-government’, relating to trade in products and services between businesses and government, especially trade over the Internet The government is the biggest employer in the US, so B2G is a potentially lucrative market. Business-to-Government
C2C noun abbreviation for ‘consumer-to-consumer’, relating to the buying and selling of products, services, and information between individual consumers, especially over the Internet EBay is an example of C2C. Consumer-to-Consumer
G2B noun abbreviation for ‘government-to-business’, relating to trade in products and services between government and business, especially trade over the Internet They make software for G2B. Government-to-Business
cost of sales noun the amount of money that a company spends in order to make and sell products in a particular financial period, for example, on wages and raw materials Keeping the cost of sales down is important to the health of any business. Umsatzkosten
creditors noun plural the amounts in a company’s accounts that show money that it owes, for example to suppliers (= companies that have sold them things) Creditors’ can be broken down into two categories. Verbindlichkeiten
debtors noun plural the money that is owed to a company and that is shown in its accounts as an asset When a client is issued with a bill, the amount on the bill should be entered as ‘debtors’ in the firm’s accounts. Forderungen
expenses noun plural money that you spend when you are doing your job, that an employer or other organisation pays back to you She was invited to speak at the conference, with an offer to cover all her expenses. Spesen
gross profit noun a company’s profit from selling goods or services before costs not directly related to producing them, for example interest payments and tax, are subtracted Gross profit for the quarter amounted to $11.2m. Bruttogewinn
net profit noun the money made by a company or part of a company for a particular period after all costs, taxes, etc. have been paid Annual net profit fell 20% in the wake of tough competition. Nettogewinn
overdraft noun an amount of money that a customer with a bank account is temporarily allowed to owe to the bank, or the agreement which allows this Research shows that 58% of students have an overdraft. Kontoüberziehung
reserves noun plural money kept by a company for a particular use, for example, a future project or emergency It became necessary for the company to dip into its reserves. Reserven
turnover noun the amount of money that a company gets from sales during a particular period Group turnover rose 2% in the period, compared with last year. Umsatz
administrative expenses noun plural money that a business spends on the work of managing or organising the business or a business activity We need to cut down on our administrative expenses. Verwaltungskosten
assets noun plural things that are owned by a person, company, or organisation, such as money, property, or land The company reported total assets worth $1.9 million. Aktivposten
heating and lighting noun used to describe the costs for keeping buildings lit and warm They are going to reduce expenditure on heating and lighting by installing energy-efficient lighting. Heizung und Licht
insurance noun money that is paid to an insurance company They ask for 8% extra from customers who pay insurance by direct debit instead of as a lump sum. Versicherung
liabilities noun plural debts The business has liabilities of £2 million. Verbindlichkeiten
stock (or inventory) noun goods that a company owns, such as parts, materials, or finished products We are trying to reduce manufacturing cycle time and the associated raw material, work in process, and finished goods inventory levels. Lager (oder Inventar)
accurate adjective correct and without any mistakes Internet communication instantly provides timely and accurate data for evaluating investment opportunities. genau
an additional strain phrase one more thing that puts pressure on someone or something The recent decline in the dollar has put an additional strain on the economic system. eine zusätzliche Belastung
at severe risk phrase in extreme danger With its stock price severely depressed, the company was at severe risk of being a target for private equity investors. in ernster Gefahr
cash cow noun a business, product, or service that makes a large profit, often used to make money to support other business activities Hong Kong Telecom has been a cash cow, thanks to a huge number of international calls. Goldesel
cash crisis noun a situation in which a company, country, etc. does not have enough money available to do the things it usually does The casino operator said last week that it faced a cash crisis after an ambitious plan to open a Las Vegas resort backfired. Liquiditätskrise
cash outlay noun an amount of money that you spend on something, especially a large amount that is spent on new equipment or to start a new business activity The beauty of this deal is that it gives us a strong position in the US market with no cash outlay. Barauslagen
cash payment noun an amount of money paid in notes or coins or a payment that is available to use immediately Usually we ask for cash payment on receipt of the goods. Barzahlung
cash problem noun a difficulty in having enough money that is available to use immediately The cash problem is the main issue at the moment. Liquiditätsproblem
cash shortage noun a lack of money that is available to use immediately We have a cash shortage at the moment. knappe Barmittel
creditors noun plural people, organisations, or governments that are owed money He has been sued several times by his creditors. Gläubiger
debtors noun plural people, countries, or organisations that owe money They are chasing some payments from debtors. Schuldner
enormous chance noun an extremely large possibility that something negative will happen; a severe risk We are taking an enormous chance by changing the specifications at this stage in the project. enormes Risiko
expenditure noun the total amount of money that an organisation or person spends We’re primarily concerned with keeping expenditure down. Ausgaben
extra money noun additional money Theatres make extra money from merchandise sales. zusätzliche Mittel
in great danger phrase at severe risk With its stock price severely depressed, the company was in great danger of being a target for private equity investors. in großer Gefahr
income noun money earned by a person, company, government, etc. over particular period of time To qualify, you must have an income of $24,000 or less. Einkommen
more pressure noun additional strain The recent decline in the dollar has put more pressure on the economic system. mehr Druck
on time adjective/adverb at the agreed or expected time We are committed to completing the project on time and on budget. termingemäß
outflow noun the amount of money that leaves a company, industry, or country during a particular period Currency devaluation triggered a rapid outflow of foreign funds. Abfluss
owe money phrase to need to pay or give money to someone because they have lent money to you He claims the firm owes him money. Geld schulden
prompt adjective done or happening without delay The message at the top of the bill is intended to encourage prompt payment. unverzüglich
decrease verb to become less, or to make something become less When an investment increases or decreases in value but we do not sell it, we record an unrealised gain or loss. zurückgehen
decrease noun the process of something becoming less, or the amount by which something becomes less Florida is not the only state to experience decreases in revenues. Rückgang
fall verb to become lower in value, amount, or level House prices began to fall rapidly. fallen
fall noun a reduction in the amount or level of something There are serious concerns about the fall in the value of the dollar. Verfall
fluctuate verb if prices, levels, or interest rates fluctuate, they go up and down Inflation has fluctuated in recent months along with oil prices. schwanken
increase verb to become larger in amount or size, or to make something do this Sales have increased by 10%. zunehmen
increase noun a situation in which the number, size, or amount of something gets bigger Customers stocked up, anticipating a January price increase. Zunahme
jump verb if prices, profits, shares, etc. jump, they increase by a large amount in a short period of time Interest rates look set to jump over the coming months. sprunghaft steigen
jump noun a sudden large increase in the price, value, or amount of something The tech stocks in the index posted the biggest jumps. plötzlicher Anstieg
level off phrasal verb if a rate or amount levels off, it stops rising or falling and stays at the same level Share prices are beginning to level off after the sharp rises of recent months. sich einpendeln
peak adjective relating to the highest level, price, rate, etc. that something reaches The comparison site provides information on peak and off-peak rates across all the major mobile networks. Spitzen-
peak verb to reach the highest level, price, rate, etc. Official figures show that unemployment peaked in November. einen Höchststand erreichen
plummet verb to go down in amount or value very quickly and suddenly House prices have plummeted in recent months. abstürzen
plunge verb to go down in amount or value very quickly and suddenly Car sales plunged in France in June. plötzlich fallen
recover verb to improve after a difficult period or after falling in value Consumer confidence has been slow to recover in the aftermath of the credit crunch. sich erholen
rise verb to increase in number, amount, or value As growth becomes embedded, interest rates rise. steigen
rise noun an increase in number, amount, or value The strong profits prompted a 64% rise in the dividend. Anstieg
soar verb to increase quickly in amount, number, value, or level Corn, soybean, and wheat prices all soared this year. sprunghaft ansteigen
buy shares phrase to get, by paying for them, some of the units that the ownership of a company, fund, etc. is divided into and which can be bought by members of the public The company was set up to buy shares on behalf of investors. Aktien kaufen
carry out an investment appraisal phrase to examine investments in order to judge their potential and assess investment choice The first task, investment experts say, is to carry out an investment appraisal. eine Investitionsrechnung durchführen
earn interest phrase to get an amount of money from keeping your money in an account in a bank or other financial organisation Any spare cash is best put in a savings account where it will earn interest. Zinsen einbringen
invest in a portfolio phrase to put money into a variety of investments One alternative strategy which is less risky is to invest in a portfolio. in ein Portfolio investieren
receive a dividend phrase get part of the profit of a company that is paid to shareholders We anticipate receiving a substantial dividend on our holding. eine Dividende erhalten
analysis noun the study of something in detail We carried out an analysis of visitors to the website by age, sex, and region. Analyse
analytical adjective relating to the careful or scientific examination of facts and information We offer award-winning website design and hosting services, extranets, and analytical tools. analytisch
method noun a particular way of doing something Travelling by train is still one of the safest methods of transport. Methode
methodical adjective used to describe a person or way of doing things that is very organised and careful People looking for work in a recession need to adopt a focused and methodical approach to job hunting. methodisch
model noun a way of doing something that can be used as an example or can be copied He prefers the American approach to wealth creation over the European model. Modell
strategic adjective relating to the way in which an organisation, country, etc. decides what it wants to achieve and plans actions and use of resources over time to do this The company has grown through strategic acquisitions which have taken them into new markets. strategisch
strategy noun the way in which a business, government, or other organisation carefully plans its actions over a period of time to improve its position and achieve what it wants Business environments and strategies are constantly changing in response to economic and financial variables. Strategie
strength noun a quality that someone or something has that helps them succeed or make progress One of our strengths as a global brand has been our ability to adapt to local trends. Stärke
strong adjective effective; of a good quality or level and likely to be successful We will need strong policies if our economic problems are to be solved. stark
weak adjective too low or not powerful enough to be successful or effective There was unexpectedly weak growth in corporate output in May. schwach
weakness noun a particular part or quality of someone or something that is not good or effective A smart management team knows its company’s strengths and weaknesses. Schwäche
anticipate verb to imagine or expect that something will happen It’s always best to anticipate problems before they arise. vorhersehen
encourage verb to make someone more likely to do something, or to make something more likely to happen We were encouraged to learn foreign languages at school. anregen
facilitate verb to help people deal with a process or reach an agreement or solution without getting directly involved in the process, discussion, etc. yourself An expert negotiator was brought in to facilitate the discussion. unterstützen
lack verb to not have enough of something that is necessary Most of the candidates had the right qualifications but lacked the necessary skills. mangeln
oversimplify verb to describe or explain something in such a simple way that it is no longer right or true The TV documentary grossly oversimplified the problem. zu stark vereinfachen
spot verb to see or notice someone or something, usually because you are looking hard If you spot any mistakes in the article just mark them with a pencil. entdecken
undertake verb to do or begin to do something, especially something that will take a long time or be difficult He needs to undertake a proper cashflow and budgeting exercise. unternehmen
a bit tricky phrase If a piece of work or problem is a bit tricky, it is a little difficult to deal with and needs some attention or skill. Those components are a bit tricky to make, aren’t they? etwas schwierig
closed-door approach noun a system of doing something, for example having a meeting or discussion, in a private office rather than in a public space Many bank customers dislike discussing loans in the reception area, instead preferring a closed-door approach for confidential discussions. hinter verschlossenen Türen
come up with phrasal verb to suggest or think of an idea or plan Next you need to come up with a name for your product. sich etwas einfallen lassen
day in day out idiom (especially of something boring) done or happening every day for a long period of time I have to do the same boring jobs day in day out. tagtäglich
figure out phrase to understand or solve something If they know the cause of the problem, they might be able to figure out how to prevent it happening again. herausfinden
go wrong phrase to make a mistake These shelves are very easy to put together – you can’t go wrong. einen Fehler machen
mess up verb doing something badly or spoiling something He really messed up the sales figures. verpfuschen
sit down noun a strike in which employees refuse to work or to leave their office, factory, etc. until employers agree to discuss their demands The six-day sit-down was a response by auto workers to the proposed closure of the plant. Sitzstreik
switch quite a few people off phrase to stop getting the attention of a lot of people If your presentation is too commercial, you switch quite a few people off. einige Teilnehmer langweilen
do 60 km per hour phrase to travel or drive at a speed of 60 kilometres per hour He can do 60 km per hour on that road if there is not much traffic. 60 km/h fahren
do a course phrase to complete a series of lessons on a particular subject She decided to do a course in recruitment practice to expand her career. einen Kurs machen
do badly phrase to perform in a way that is not acceptable or of good quality I thought he was going to do badly in the interview. schlechte Leistung bringen
do conference facilities phrase provide a building for events, sometimes lasting a few days, at which there are a lot of talks and meetings about a particular subject The hotels also do conference facilities and have some of the newest equipment and best catering available. Konferenzräume anbieten
do the accounts phrase prepare the set of official records that show the financial situation of a company and what it has spent, received, borrowed, etc. in a particular period When are you going to do the accounts? Buchhaltung machen
get a train phrase to travel somewhere in a train Shall we get a train to the meeting with the client? einen Zug nehmen
get an email phrase to receive an email You will get an email with the information. eine E-Mail erhalten
get angry/embarrassed phrase to have a strong feeling against someone who has behaved badly / to feel ashamed or shy I get angry with her when she is late to important events. verärgert/verlegen sein
get some office chairs phrase to obtain or buy a number of chairs for the office We’re going to get some office chairs for the new meeting room. Bürostühle besorgen
get to the office phrase to reach or arrive at the office What time does he normally get to the office? ins Büro kommen
have a chat phrase to talk to someone in a friendly informal way Apart from discussing the project, it was extremely useful to have a chat about work in general. plaudern
have a cold phrase to be ill with a common infection especially in the nose and throat which often causes a cough, a slight fever and sometimes some pain in the muscles I have got a cold. erkältet sein
have a good time phrase to enjoy yourself I hope everyone will have a good time at the office party. sich gut unterhalten
have an email phrase to have a message sent over the Internet I have an email from Danielle. eine E-Mail haben
have lunch / a coffee phrase to eat a meal in the middle of the day / to drink coffee I’m having lunch with Tomoko on Monday. zu Mittag essen / einen Kaffee trinken
be worth the time and money phrase to be important or interesting enough to be a reason for spending the time and money We believe the extra attention to detail is worth the time and money. die Zeit und das Geld wert sein
develop initiatives phrase to bring into existence new plans or actions to improve something or solve a problem The group’s legal advisers said they were developing initiatives to tackle online privacy issues. Initiativen entwickeln
perform a health check phrase to prepare a statement that contains financial information and advice relating to a particular economy, company, or person It’s a good idea to ask an independent adviser to look at tax-efficient savings and perform a health check. einen Gesundheitstest durchführen
put in place phrase to make something ready to be used The details of the deal haven’t been put in place yet. bereitstellen
realise objectives phrase to achieve things that you are planning to do or achieve He is on track to realise his objectives. Ziele umsetzen
spread good practices phrase a tell other people about working methods which are accepted as being successful, so that those working methods are more widely used Managers who spread good practices play a big part in increasing product quality and customer satisfaction. gute Verfahrensweisen weitergeben